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Dr Nylor Udder Balm 9 oz and 36 oz

This modern antiseptic ointment for udder and teats is in a formulation which stays in prolonged antiseptic contact to relieve soreness, reduce congestion, soften udders and heal teats. The same soothing, softening ointment in which Dr. Naylor's Medicated Teat Dilators are packed. 9 oz. tin.

Medi-Cow Boot

Protective Boot is a valuable, economical tool in the fight against hoof and foot problems. It is ideal for continuous soaking when conditions such as hairy wart, puncture wounds or other aggravated foot conditions exist. Medi-Cow Boot cushions the hoof, relieves pressure, eliminates the need for wrapping, and holds medications for continuous application.Waterproof, soft, pliable, puncture-resistant blue vinyl upper comforts the leg during use and closes tightly with the web straps, yet boot opens wide for easy on/off. Triple-layered bottom is made of tough polyvinyl compound making it reusable many times over.

Liquid Hoof 'n' Heel--Pint

For hoof rot, foot rot and foot scald in sheep, goats and dairy cattle, Hoof 'n' Heel penetrates deep into the hoof to attack infection quickly. Hoof 'n' Heel does not cause discoloration, hardening or shrinkage of tissue, and is colorless, stainless, non-toxic and pleasant to use. 16 oz. squeeze bottle.

DR Naylor Blu-Kote Dauber bottle, Spray can, Pump Spray bottle

Whether you spray or paint it on, Blue-Kote is effective in treatment of Cowpox, ringworm, and skin abrasions. Covers wound with quick-drying, penetrating coating to reduce pus formation, dry up secretions and control secondary infections. 4 oz. dauber bottle

Dr Nylor Red-Kote spray bottle and dauber bottle

Red-Kote is fast healing help for lacerations, cuts, burns, chafes, teat sores and other superficial animal wounds. Adheres, protects, soothes and softens--and stimulates new skin growth. 4.5 oz. spray can.

Dr Naylor Teat Dilators

Keeps teat open in the treatment of cuts, bruises and sore teats with the Dr. Naylor® Teat Dilators. Helps prevent formation of scar tissue obstructions while the teat heals. package of 40

All Weather Paintstiks-assorted colors

Assorted Paint-Stiks can be used by county agents, animal husbandmen, U.S. Livestock Extension Service, veterinarians, breeders, growers, and stockyard workers. Wt. 1.5 lbs. per box of 12.

Quik Shot Assorted Color Spray Paint

Livestock Aerosol Spray Paint features an inverted tip which will spray with the can in any position, even upside down. Powerful far-reaching spray keeps animal contact to a minimum. Water-based paint is weather and fade-resistant, quick drying and environmentally friendly. Quik Shot is ideal for tail-painting heifers and all sorts of livestock marking and sorting tasks.
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