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Brush N Scratch

Brush-N-Scratch offers purr-fectly pleasing coat care for cats.

Condo, 2 Level

  • Quality built Condo HideAway-Ideal for perching and napping
  • Choose from 2 sizes
  • Made in the USA

Edible Treat Ball

All natural grass and willow twig construction Safe to chew Eliminates wasted treats Attaches to any cage 3 1/2" diameter

Lounge Around-N-Scratch

  • Lounge Around N Scratch provides the perfect combination of sisal and wood scratch surfaces.

Mini Nature Ball

  • safe, all natural sisal material
  • has bell inside
  • approx. 2" dia.
  • small animal
  • safe chew-n-fun, all rolled into one!

Seagrass Scratch Post

A classic, all-natural scratch post that won't break the budget!

Hay House

Hay House is a safe chewable hideout for small pets. Perfect place for pets to climb, chew, crawl and crunch.


The one of a kind Flying Saucer is the safest and quietest exercise wheel available.

Carnival Crops Chew Ka-bob

Carnival Chew Ka-Bob is a fun chew toy for small pets with a crispy crop of chewtime textures. Chew materials include solid wood, crispy loofa, and natural pine cone, offering the perfect combination for little critters.

Nutty Stick Ball

Ware Nutty Stick Ball is made of 100% willow, a renewable resource, and has a nutty surprise inside. Chew toys encourage healthy activity and help prevent cage boredom. Pets can roll it, toss it or gnaw it.

Mega Munch Sticks

Ware Manufacturing's All Natural Willow Mega Munch Sticks are the perfect playtime chew that your small pets will love! Made out of all natural willow these mega munch sticks are completely safe for your pet to chew and nibble. These chew sticks are great for encouraging positive chewing behavior.

Natural Hanging Pine Cone Chew

Pine Cone Chew is a wonderful chew source from the wild. The all natural pine cone chew toy is perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, pet rats and other small pets.

Crazy Carrot Toy

The Krazy Karrot Toy gives a new twist to playtime! It is made of all natural pine with USDA approved food colors. Critters love the twist-n-turn chew-n-fun this Krazy Karrot Toy provides. Wood chew toys help keep teeth trimmed and helps relieve cage boredom. Fits Treat-K-Bob.

Farmers Market Seagrass Twists

A savory snack made from sun dried seagrass, offering a wholesome combination of crunchy chew and flavor for rabbits, guinea pigs, pet rats, and hamsters. Promotes clean and healthy teeth. Harvested from a renewable resource!

Atomic Nut Ball Large

Furry friends will have a blast with the new Atomic Nut Ball. It is made of all natural wood and has a nutty surprise inside!

Fun Tunnels 2 Sizes

Fun Tunnels are made of durable stain resistant plastic, making them easy to clean. The unique accordion design allows for fun shapes as well as compact storage. These colorful tunnels provide tons of fun for small pets and owners alike.

Critter Totter

Critter Totter is a see saw toy that offers climbing and chewing fun for hamsters, gerbils, mice and pet rats.

Cruise N Snooze

The Ware Cruise-N-Snooze is a charming hideout for hamsters, gerbils and mice.

Lucky Flyer

The Ware Lucky Flyer is a charming hideout for hamsters, gerbils and mice.

Rock and Rollers Dumbell

Give your Critters a workout with a Rock N Roller Barbell by Ware Mfg.

Harvest Chews (3 pc)

The Ware Harvest Chews are a fun, garden-inspired addition to your critter's chew collection.

Veggie Wedge 2pc Carnival Crops

Carnival Crops Veggie Wedge by Ware Mfg. is a naturally delicious and nutritious chew treat.

Harvest Chews- 2 flavors

The Ware Harvest Chews are a fun, garden inspired addition to your critter's chew collection. Made out of timothy hay and sisal, your pet will enjoy the crunchy textures.


Offers the perfect texture for pets to pick up and play and encourages healthy activity.


Natural Chew Ka-Bob offers the perfect combination of chew materials including wood, crispy loofa and natural pine cone.
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