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Animal Wet/Prep, 60" stainless steel

Stainless steel cut-away exam cabinet

Cut Away Exam Cabinets 2 dr

Stainless steel cut-away exam cabinet.

Modular Cage Units

18"w x 24"h x 28"d Modular Cage Unit. Completely interchangeable - easily configured to maximize animal holding area.
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Card Holder (Accessories to Stainless Steel Cages)

20 gauge stainless steel card holder easily installs on cage door
  • Two different sizes hold standard 3" x 5" and 5" x 8" cards
  • $7.00

    Stainless Steel Bucket


    • Extremely durable stainless steel will provide a lifetime of service
    • Available in 12 1/2 quart (11.8 L) capacity for larger volumes of fluids or 2 quart (1.9 L) capacity for smaller volumes

    Cut Away Tubs on Legs

    The cut-away design provides leg space for comfortable seating on either side of the table.

    Caster Set for Surgery Tables

    Casters for Surgery Tables

    V Top Surgery Table, electric

    The table top and V-panels are counterbalanced by pneumatic cylinders for easier positioning of the patient.

    Treatment Tables

    Durable Stainless Steel Treatment Tables offer an inexpensive way to expand your work area and are available with adjustable feet or casters and optional drawer.

    Folding Wall Mount Exam Table

    Streamlined design folds the table up flush to the wall. Stainless Steel Top.

    Stainless Steel Cut-Away Cabinet

    3 Drawers & Door. Full Capacity Removable Drawers.

    Mach LED Lighting 130

    Whether you practice in an office environment or specialized procedure area, your work requires superior, shadow-free illumination.

    Spray Unit w/ 72" Stainless Steel Hose

    • Sprayer available with straight or angled sprayer
    • Spray unit has squeeze handle valve that automatically stops water flow when not depressed
    • Spray unit may be held in the "on" position with handle control ring that is included with each faucet
    • Attaches to standard 1/2" IPS pipe thread

    Flat Top Surgery Tables , hydraulic

    The hydraulic flat-top Surgery Table offers hands-free height adjustment. The table top tilts from level to 37° via single finger-tip control. The top is counter balanced by pneumatic cylinders for easier positioning of the patient. It comes with a hands-free height adjustment via a foot pedal. Pump foot pedal to raise and a depress pedal to lower, with a range of 6”. The table includes a hook for a drain bucket (bucket must be purchased separately). Optional heated top available. A unique low voltage heated surface gives additional safety while heat is dispersed evenly across the tabletop.
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