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JW Pet Triple Mirror with Bell 8.5" x 2"

A brightly colored acrylic toy. Has swivel rings with mirrors 8.5 inches by 2 inches. For parakeets,cockatiels and similar sized birds.

JW Pet Hourglass Mirror 7"

A brightly colored acrylic toy!

Acrylic Ovals

Acrylic Ovals W/Colored Beads For Small Birds 7.5"X2"

Colored Rattle 3"

This Tough and Durable Rattle is ideal for Small to Medium Sized Primates.

Aussie Dog Zoo Aviary Hanging Rings

Suitable for aviaries and small aboreal enclosures

JW Pet Bell with Pendulot Bird Toy

Features bell with chain and beads

JW Pet Birdie Barbell 4"

For parakeets, cockatiels and similar sized birds

JW Pet Birdie Basketball 4"

For parakeets, cockatiels, and similar sized birds

JW Pet Birdie Bowling 2.75"

Made from hard plastic , approx. 2 3/4"H

Box N Beads

3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 1 1/2" thick

Caitec Baffle Cage 2 sizes

Made of sturdy stainless steel. 6" x 6" LARGE CAGE OUT OF STOCK TILL FEBRUARY

Large play bird

Large Play Bird is a great toy for all types of small birds.

Play Heart with Pacifiers and Bell for Keets

This toy has been designed with your Bird's safety in mind.

Hanging Lattice Balls

Check out this plastic hanging toy. A bell is inside each lattice ball. 6" long. 4 balls Pet bird toy.
$1.69 $1.00

The In Counter Leather

Exciting toy of wood dowels, beads, and leather. For Medium Birds 19"X5"

JW Pet Activitoy The Wave bird toy

Activate your bird's body, mind and soul. For parakeets, cockatiels and small sized birds.

JW Pet Activitoy TicTacToe small bird toy 3" x 3" x 3/4"

Suitable for parakeets, cockatiels and similar sized birds.

JW Pet Activitoy Tilt Wheel Small bird toy

Suitable for parakeets, cockatiels and similar sized birds.

JW Pet Double Axis 2"

  • Designed to stimulate the bird's mind as well as its motor skills.
  • Has screw-on nut to attach to cage bars.
  • For Parakeets and cockatiels and smiliar sized birds.
  • 2" dia. mirror.

Goofy Links Large

Ecotrition Goofy Links Cheery-colored, plastic-shaped links Birds can play with them linked together, or disconnected for individual ”foot-held” toys Encourages: Motor Skill Development, Strength Building, Flexibility

JW Pet Tumble Bell 2.5"

  • 2 1/2"L spinning drum with bell inside.
  • Made with acrylic and is ideal for small birds or even squirrel monkeys.
  • Attaches to cage bars.

Large Baffle Cage Refill 36 pieces

Refill for the Large Stainless Steel Baffle Cage.

Stainless Steel Bell 3 sizes

Birds love the pleasing sound of this bell.

Stainless Steel Swing w/ Natural Wood Perch 8" AND 12"

Your bird will enjoy this swing for a very long time.

Totem Pole LARGE

Manzanita wood, leather, and colored chain make for hours of entertainment.

Wheelee Balls

A fun toy constructed with colorful wooden disks and plastic balls. Wheelee Balls For Medium Birds 10"X2"

Circle Chain 20"LONG

A large toy at a great price!

Vinyl Gearrings 4 Rings

The colorful plastic rings are great for hanging and include a bell!

Geo metrics small and large sizes

Colorful rings with chain for hanging. 16"Made in USA for large birds. SMALL size B15

Mirrored Cube Three Sizes Small- Medium- Large

A colorful, 4 sided acrylic mirror with chain for hanging. comes highly recommend by birds physiologists and is a great toy for your bird.Comes with a parrot bell...

Aussie Dog Zoo Perch Swing

Suitable for aviaries and small aboreal enclosures

Aussie Dog Zoo Double Ball Perch

Suitable for aviaries and small aboreal enclosures

Aussie Dog Zoo Ball Perch

Suitable for aviaries and small aboreal enclosures

Swing Rope Ladder Small and Medium sizes

Your bird or small animal with love climbing on this all natural ladder and made using environmentally friendly components

Rope Ladder small and medium

Swing ladders hang from -2- ends.

Ribbon Bird Toy

This food toy is great for all size birds. You can fill it with peanuts, almonds, nutriberries, millet, fruit and vegetables or paper. Use your imagination. Your bird will pick at it and you can fill it tight or loose. Colorful and 6" long with a lovely bell.

Stainless Steel Round Rattle 3" and 5"

Another all, Stainless Steel rattle in a round design autoclavable includes 6" chain and clip for hanging 0.187 dia. rod frame 2 sizes to choose from . Excellent large bird toy too!

Stainless Steel Kabob, 12" Long

Stands up to the toughest birds.

Treat-Kabob 4 Sizes

Fruit flavored, fruit shaped wood toys featuring acrylics, rope, rawhide, and copper bell...sizes for parakeets, cockatiels, and large birds.

Jolly Pals 2 Sizes Available -

For large animal enrichment and a Great Toy for Ferrets, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and Chinchillas.

JW Pet Hol-ee Roller 4 Sizes

A totally out-of-this-earth, fun toy. Stretchy and virtually indestructible. This toy is not only great for dogs, but for other animals as well!

Home Alone Large, 66-132 Lbs

For dogs left home alone all day. Hanging bungie ball toy, Food can be placed in ball for extra stimulation and will rattle and dispense during play.

TireBiter II with Rope 3 sizes

Mammoth TireBiter ll are made from a NEW advanced natural rubber formulas for EXTRA long lasting play, Deigned and developed in the USA. These real tire tough favorites are fun and perfect for interactive playing,tossing and tugging, Sustainably manufactured.

Bubba Mama

  • This awesome toy has colored wood blocks that dangle in all directions.
  • 18" L.
  • Made in USA
  • For large birds

Kong Genius Leo 2 Sizes

Entertains and Satisfies your dog by dispensing treats and filling their urge to chew and break apart - so it can live a happy life with a healthy mind.
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