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Ball 36 inch

Great for all large animals.

18" Ball with a 4" Ball inside

The inner Ball is slightly soft, so please be aware that it is not as rigid as the outer Ball. 4" ball inside of 18" ball

Ball 48 inch

Great for all large animals.

Aussie Dog Horse Dobbin Dragger

Thick and durable ball with that will not pop, shatter or crack, 100% safe and non toxic This item ships by mail from Australia

Aussie Dog Horse Jiggy Snack Packs

The ball is thick and durable and will not pop, shatter or crack, 100% safe and non toxic 3 versions are available This item ships by mail from Australia

Aussie Dog Horse Roady Ball

Great fun for playful horses 2 Sizes available This item ships by mail from Australia

Aussie Dog Zoo Ungulate Rattle Ball

2 sizes available This item ships from Australia


Heavy duty toy with unique shape for large animals

Bongo Feeder

Heavy duty toy for large animals with a unique shape

Boomer Ball Bobbin Feeder W/Cable

NEW!! Large Bobbin with cable to hang

Boomer Ball Large Bobbin Assorted Colors

Great for many large animal. Large Bobbin is 15"x18"

Boomer Ball Small Bobbin Assorted Colors

Unique shape! Small Bobbin is 12"x14".

Likit Boredom Breaker

The Boredom Breaker is a combination toy that includes a Likit Holder and a robust ball with inserts for two Little Likits

Boredom Buster

Provide hours of fun and mental stimulation for your equine or livestock with this highly challenging Likit™ Boredom Buster. It provides multi-directional movement and multiple challenge options to keep your equine and/or livestock motivated and entertained.

Bounce-N- Play 3 Sizes

The Bounce-N-Play® is the popular Tug-n-Toss® ball minus the handle! Made from a super pliable material, even if your dog gets a hole in it ,it will still keep its shape. Great for any backyard or lake adventure.


This inventors idea was a revolutionary aid for feeding horses, which was quicker and simpler to use than traditional hay nets. Being suspended from a wall, it also provides hours of amusement for stabled horses & helps prevent horse cough. As horses are playful but also very strong, the colour and type of plastic used to make the Hayball is very important. By using a dark green, impact modified plastic, the Hayball avoids unwanted attention from most horses and even resists biting from the most curious ones.

Horsemen's Pride Pas-A-Fier

The spinning motion of the 3 wheels and the apple scent make this more appealing to a horse than his favorite chewing spot. Rubber wheels have the elasticity to withstand the strongest horse's bite. Complete with steel shaft and steel corner mounting hardware for installation on wood or similar walls.

Aussie Dog Zoo Food Balls

3 different versions available This item ships from Australia

Pecca Ball 2 Sizes

Available in two sizes! Suitable for pigs and all ungulates. This item ships from Australia

Scent Balls 3 sizes 18" - 24" or 36 "

Animals are intrigued by smells they like as well as smells they don't. We start with one of our Balls, install our Scent Enrichment option, and cut several holes into the ball body so the scent can escape. The holes are small enough that the animal cannot get into the ball to grab the scent enrichment removable screen. All you do is add the desired scent.

Ball 24 inch

Great for all large animals.

Scratch n All

ScratchnAll is a durable scratcher pad used by animals large and small. It provides safe relief from itching which plagues barnyard, domestic and zoo animals. The ScratchnAll animal scratcher pad is easy to install and has the ability to bend over corners and interlock. Because of its unique shape and features, you can create a pattern which best suits the animals' enrichment needs.

Tug N Tosses 10"

Bounces and Floats...Can be punctured without deflating...Handle makes for easy fetch and retrieve

Tug N Tosses 4 sizes

Bounces and Floats...Can be punctured without deflating...Handle makes for easy fetch and retrieve

Equine Jolly Mega Balls available in 3 sizes

Horsemen's Pride Mega Ball Horse Toy is specially made for your playful equine. This heavy-duty ball is designed to withstand even the toughest horseplay, made with safe and durable materials. And it even comes with a plug and foot pump—everything you need to get your horse playing right away.

Jolly Ball Push-N-Play Available in 5 sizes

Hello to the biggest, baddest dog ball out there. This is one of the best, most indestructible dog balls around. Bam! errrr…bark! These balls will stand up to the toughest dogs. Not only do they roll and float on water – this toy will help your dog relieve his built up energy.

Jolly Jumbo Lick

Jolly Jumbo Lick™ Made in the USA Toy with treat holder for maximum fun! Attaches to stall wall to help alleviate boredom. Great for horses of all ages. Plastic toy on end spins to keep your horse entertained. Jolly Stall Snack™ fits perfectly in center of toy. Comes with all necessary mounting hardware.

Amazing Graze

* Treat dispenser relieves animal's boredom * Great for play in confined areas - designed to naturally circle horse * Made from safe, heavy-duty plastic

Equine Scratcher 10.5 " x 25" panel

The Equine Scratcher provides a solution for safe scratching.

Right Angle Scratcher 10.5" x 9" 3 panels per set

The Right Angle Scratcher is a flexible, texturized panel made of a durable polyethylene material, not rubber, so the product will not pull your animal’s hair.

Likit Tongue Twister Equine Toy

• Designed To Be Fixed To A Stable Wall • Ideal For Less Adventurous Horses Or Where Space Is At A Premium • Features Multi-Directional Movement • Can Help Reduce Cribbing By Up To 27%

Carrot Ball Treat Ball

A Horse Carrot Treat Ball. Simply fill with carrots, parsnip, turnip or apples and let your horse play. It is a great way to keep your horse or pony entertained AND encourage a slower more natural eating pattern. Keep your Horse Treat Ball in the paddock or stable and watch as your horse / pony explores to eat their rewards. Can be used on the floor or can be hung up in a stable too.

Shires Ball Feeder 9 " for all types of animals

The Shires Ball Feeder is stable favorite for both owners and horses! This colorful play ball helps ease stable boredom and engages your horse in the pasture. Simply fill the ball with treats or grain and let your horse play!

Jolly Apple

9” X 9” candy apple red toy is apple scented to encourage play. Hangs in the horse’s stall to alleviate boredom; distracts from chewing and cribbing

Jolly Stall Snack Combo

A great equine enrichment stall treat combining a healthy snack and a toy for your horse. The treat system dangles in the stall to help alleviate boredom. Designed to allow the animal to lick, not bite, the treat. The 8-inch jolly ball is ideal for your horse to play with in more confining areas. Holder is made of durable, chew resistant plastic.

Scratch ME Silly " Ultimate Scratcher"

Scratch Me Silly is the "Ultimate Belly Scratching Tool" and so much more. Built tough, this unique tool performs as an animal enrichment AND desensitizing tool. Additionally, it can lift the core and strengthen the back muscles.

Stump Feeder

A Thick-Walled Feeder for a Variety of Animals including Primates, and Swine.
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