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Tri Rattles with Colored Discs 3 sizes

These Rattles are Autoclavable , stainless steel with colored disc for added excitement. Small rattle is ideal for Small to Medium Sized Primates. Medium to large size rattle for primates, rabbits, goats, swine and birds.

Amazing Graze

* Treat dispenser relieves animal's boredom * Great for play in confined areas - designed to naturally circle horse * Made from safe, heavy-duty plastic

Kong Bounzer ULTRA 3 sizes

The KONG Ultra Bounzer is uniquely designed to meet the needs of dogs that never get enough fetching fun. The Ultra Bounzer is made out of durable material making it last longer, while the classic KONG silhouette shape creates an unpredictable bounce.

Stump Feeder

A Thick-Walled Feeder for a Variety of Animals. Primates, and Swine.



Rugby Ball

A Large Egg-Shaped Toy for Dogs, Swine, and Other similar sized Animals.


A large toy for a swine, mini pigs, primates, and aquatics.

Astro Panel 18x24"

Use as a foraging panel and/or scratching device.

Astro Panel 24x48"

Use as a foraging panel and/or scratching device.

Aussie Dog Zoo Ungulate Rattle Ball

2 sizes available

Biting Balls 2 sizes

Urethane Biting Ball for swine, horses, and other animals

Boomer Ball Bobbin Feeder W/Cable

NEW!! Large Bobbin with cable to hang

Boomer Ball Large Bobbin Assorted Colors

Great for many large animal. Large Bobbin is 15"x18"

Boomer Ball Small Bobbin Assorted Colors

Unique shape! Small Bobbin is 12"x14".

Bounce-N- Play 3 Sizes

The Bounce-N-Play® is the popular Tug-n-Toss® ball minus the handle!

Pig Bite Ball on Spring Small

Offers ball to lick and suck with spring for more interest.

Romp-N-Roll 4.5" 6"and 8"

Tail Wagging, Commence... It's Time To Romp!

Pecca Ball 2 Sizes

Available in two sizes! Suitable for pigs and all ungulates.


This Grenade is super fun & durable. It features a beef flavor that dogs love! You will enjoy tossing it and fido will enjoy chewing and chasing. It is made with durable rubber material that also has ridges to massage gums. You can stuff the center with peanut butter for extra fun! Made in the USA!


Approved for Dog Show Ring retrieving. This is a toy – Use with care! Not recommended as a chew toy. Use other Fido products for chewing. The Pro-Trainer is an excellent exerciser and training dumbbell for the home and show ring.


Porcichew Use Reduces Tail-Biting in Pigs. Available in 5 scented flavors.

Bite Block

Thick and Durable Block provides chewing and physical activity. CAN BE USED FOR ALL TYPES OF ANIMALS.

Pig Bite Moon

Thick and Durable Block provides chewing and physical activity. GREAT TOY FOR A VARIETY OF ANIMALS.

Pig Bite Star

Thick and Durable STAR provides chewing and physical activity. GREAT TOY FOR A VARIETY OF ANIMALS.

Zuper Ball

The Largest Thermoplastic Toy Available. Great for Swine and Primates

Animal Farm

Includes stainless steel rattle and hanging toys as shown

Feeder Tube, 10" x 31" Long

  • Durable and washable.
  • Made from tough polyethylene.

Sway N Play Feeder

Great for Mini Pigs, Primates, Small Antelope

Sway N Play

  • This tough enrichment device will tip and teeter, but not fall down.
  • Sealed with a rattle inside 
  • Smear with jam, peanut butter, etc.
  • $42.50

    Jolly Ball Push-N-Play Available in 5 sizes

    A Greater Playtime Challenge To Stronger Dogs MADE IN THE USA! Hello to the biggest, baddest dog ball out there. This is one of the best, most indestructible dog balls around. Bam! errrr…bark! These balls will stand up to the toughest dogs. Not only do they roll and float on water, but your dog will play so hard he’ll fall over from exhaustion.

    Jolly Egg Available in 2 sizes

    Keep Your Dog Entertained (And Yourself) MADE IN THE USA! Question: “Is there a dog toy that exists that is not only super-durable and strong, but also is actually fun to play with?” Answer: “Yes – The Jolly Egg™. Designed for constant, erratic motion, the Jolly Egg™ has a fun oval shape that dogs love to chase. They can never quite get a grip on the Egg, but they love to try! Since the toy constantly escapes your dog, it gives your dog a safe, fun outlet for their prey instinct.

    Tumbler Ball 10"

    A Fun Toy with Unique Shape and Rolling Action. Great for dogs and some Aquatic Animals.

    FeedME Intelligent enrichment tube

    FeedMe is a behavioral and health accessory that teaches an animal to eat in a healthy, measured and rewarding way. FeedMe prevents obesity and separation anxiety in a game that occupies their time for a long time. The device moves your animal into action and enriches its environment, activates their senses and completes its physical and mental needs by giving stimulation to the brain.

    Nose-It! K-9 4" Flex Plus & Flex

    Keeps your pet engaged, moving and entertained for hours on end! Intuitive One-Roll-At-A-Time™ design keeps your pet in control and channels their energy away from bad behavior. Giving your pet control and a reward creates a special bond between your pet and their ball! No more gulping of food by your pet, reducing the risks of bloating! Each ball holds up to 2 cups of food!
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