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The bond you have for your furry or feathered friend is unique. There are so many things to love about sharing your life with a pet! You may like brushing your small animal's soft coat and enjoying its cuddly personality. Or you might be fond of listening to your pet bird's soothing song or laughing at its silly tricks. The goal at Super Pet is to provide you with quality small animal products, pet bird products and good advice that will enhance your relationship with your pet.

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Chewbular Play Tubes 3 sizes

Encourages natural burrowing and chewing instincts. Made from vegetable parchment, 100% chewable

Chinchilla Bath House

  • Designed for the interesting and unique sand bathing behaviors of pet chinchillas.  Made from one piece translucent plastic. 
  • Includes 1 bath packet.  Replacement packets sold separately.  8"W x 8"L x 8"H

Critter Bath Powder, 14 Oz

  • Keeps your critter clean and cuddly
  • Dwarf hamsters, gerbils, and chinchillas love dust baths!
  • All natural, totally safe non-toxic 100% volcanic mountain pumice-the totallly natural earth mineral

Flip N Toss

  • Say "bye-bye" to bored bunnies with the one and only rabbit recommended rope and rattle toy
  • Just toss it to your furry friend and watch him grab it, shake it, flip it, and fling it.
  • Made with sisal rope.  
  • Carrot shaped Flip N' Toss is 6" long.

Hay n Food Feeder

Ideal for chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals

Igloo 4 Sizes

This cute little hideout is available in 4 sizes! Vent holes on top.

Tree Trunk, 4"

  • These tree stump shaped hideouts are made from a unique combination of recycled plastic and wood that is completely pet safe. 
  • The hideouts are designed to encourage your pet's natural hiding instincts, making them feel safe and secure.

    Small size is ideal for Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice and other small animals.
    Large size is ideal for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and other small animals.

Veggie Basket

  • Keep fruits and vegetables off of cage floor
  • clips onto any wire cage
  • made from powder-coated wire
  • 3" dia with 5" long chain
  • chew proof construction
  • sanitary solution to soiled foods and treats
  • serve some fresh fun to your rabbit, guinea pig, chincilla, or pet rat

Woodland Get-A-Way HUT 4 SIZES

Natural, solid wood hideout for small animals Constructed from quality pine timber Provides a natural sense of security Wooden peg construction is safe for all animals Promotes natural nesting and chewing behaviors

Bath Sand 5 pk

Designed for the interesting and unique sand bathing behaviors of pet chinchillas

Sleep E Tent Ferret

A comfortable camp out for your animal...ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small animals.


Ka-bob is the refillable treat dispensing cage toy for hamsters, gerbils, pet mice, or other small animals. Now you can create a munchy menu of colorful chew choices, special snacks and healthy supplements to tantalize your pet's taste buds. Fill it with fruits, vegetables, or any Kaytee pre-drilled chews, bites and mineral treats. Comes with 3 free bites.

SMALL Comfort Exercise Wheel

The Kaytee Comfort Wheel features a safe, solid running surface, quiet operation and a "tail-safe" design, allowing pets easy entrance and exit. Every Comfort Wheel comes with a heavy duty wire stand and a 2-way attachment clip, so the wheel can be used either free-standing or clipped to a wire cage.

Gravity Bin Feeder W/Bracket

Gravity Bin feeders hold up to two pounds of food giving your pets a five day food supply. Gravity Bin feeders exclusive snap-lock bracket system attaches directly to any wire cage. Gravity Bin feeders feature an unique, sifter floor design that eliminates pellet dust, helping to prevent respiratory problems in small animals. Kaytee suction-cups (sold separately) can be inserted into the snap-lock bracket allowing you to secure a Gravity Bin feeder inside a glass enclosure.

Hay Buffet with Snap-Lock Lid Mountable Small Animal Hay Feeder

Feed your hungry small pets a supply of clean hay with the Kaytee Hay Buffet with Snap-Lock Lid Rabbit Feeder. With a snap-lock lid and no wires or sharp edges, it’s a safe way to offer hay, veggies and tasty treats to small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs. This feeder is made from stain- and odor-resistant plastic that’s safe to clean in the dishwasher.


Kaytee Chicken feeders are designed to keep chickens well fed and are easy to use. Constructed of transparent material to show a visible feed line and features a scatter guard to prevent waste when chickens are feeding. Available in earth tone colors and sizes medium and large

Natural Sisal Apple Toy

Pet toy-Made from natural sisal material-Provides pets with much needed playtime and exercise.

Color Nest House Hut Large

Kaytee Color Nests and Mats are uniquely hand woven from natural materials and provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pet.

Color Nest Open Tunnel Large

Kaytee Color Nests and Mats are uniquely hand woven from natural materials and provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pet.

Crinkle Tunnel

The Crinkle Tunnel creates an exciting crinkle sounding exploration experience for ferrets, chinchillas, dwarf bunnies, guinea pigs, and other furry friends.

Hamtrac Exercise Loop

This Exercise Loop will have your pet running in circles!

Natural Chew n Cube Toy for Small Animals

Treat your pet to some playtime with Super Pet's Chew 'n Cube Toy. This natural wood toy provides your small pet with much needed activity and helps keep teeth trim and healthy when chewed. Ideal for Hamsters, Rabbits or other small animals.

Play-N-Hay Toy Rabbit

Encourage your pet's natural foraging instincts with the adorable Play-N-Hay! Designed to be hung or simply placed in your pet's habitat, just load the Play-N-Hay up with hay and watch your guinea pig or other small animal play!

Avian Forage N Play Perch Small

Super Pet's Forage-N-Play Perches feature a variety of visual and textural stimuli to reduce unwanted behavior due to birdie boredom.
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