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Starmark pet products reflect the way dogs learn and have fun. Utilizing the expertise of our Certified Training and Behavior Specialists we create mental stimulation and interactive play toys, training tools, and treats. The hands-on experience combined with vast technical knowledge allows us to bring you useful and unique products, as well as dog training and behavior solutions.

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Bento Ball 3 Sizes

The Bento Ball is a uniquely shaped ball with dimples. This ball comes in 3 sizes.

Everlasting Fun Ball 2 Sizes

The Everlasting Fun Ball can be filled with every favorite treat. Has unique inner flap system. Made from soft, yet very durable polymer.

Everlasting Treat 3 Flavors & 3 Sizes

Everlasting Treats are made from natural ingredients without plastic or polymers and are edible and digestible with an irrestible taste.

Everlasting Treat Ball 3 Sizes

Provide hours of chewing fun for your dog with the interactive Triple Crown Everlasting Treat Ball.

Fire Plug 3 Sizes

It holds up to the toughest chewers. It can be filled with treats or dog food to keep your dog mentally stimulated and happily occupied.

Starmark Everlasting Groovyball 3 Sizes

The Everlasting Groovy Ball keeps your dog entertained when treats or kibble are stuffed into the grooves and topped with an Everlasting Treat.

Starmark Everlasting Treat Wheeler 3 Sizes

The Everlasting Treat Wheeler is great for keeping strong chewers occupied when capped with one or two Everlasting Treats. THIS PRODUCT ALSO COMES IN THREE SIZES: SMALL SMK00178 MED SMK00177 LARGE SMK00176

Starmark PicklePocket 6"

Provides hours of challenging play, throws, bounces and it also floats in water.

Starmark Rubber Tuff Treat Ball 3 Sizes

Holds a variety of treats and kibble. Use our Lock & Block Treats in each end. Increase the challenge by adding smaller treats inside. Lock & Block treats made in USA.

Starmark Treat Crunching Multiball 2 Sizes

The Crunching Multiball Treat Dog Toy provides a fun new chewing challenge for your canine. The unique shape is large enough to hold an inserted treat rod plus interactive treats for plenty of playful options. Simply add the interactive treats into the treat rod, then place the filled treat rod into the Multiball and watch your pup go wild as he tries to get to the center.

Starmark Treat Dispensing Puzzle Ball

Four chambered puzzle toy for pups to pros! RUBBER COATED FOR LESS NOISE AND DAMAGE TO HOUSE OR OFFICE

Treat Ringer Bone

A unique treat toy sure to challenge and engage any pet!

Starmark Treat Dispensing Football 2 Sizes

Great for all dogs,primates and water animals. Holds a variety of treats and kibbles. Provides hours of challenging play.

Starmark Treat Ringer Orb

Holds Edible Treat Rings held in place by inner rod and must be chewed to be removed. Change the challenge...treats also fit sideways into toys between toy wall and inner rod. Great for dental hygiene. Treat Ring system encourages chewing. For power hewers...durable nylon material holds up to even the strongest chewers. Challenge rating 3.5 out of 5. TREATS COME WITH PRODUCT -ADDITIONAL TREAT RINGS SOLD SEPARATE-16 PKG SKU#SMETR

Starmark Treat Dispensing Bob-A-Lot 2 Sizes

Exercises and feeds your canine and primate at the same time. The Large bottom Chamber fits up to 3 cups of kibble or treats - enough for a full meal. Adjustable openings at the top and bottom accommodate most types of dog food and allow you to regulate the difficulty level. Weighted anti-slip bottom makes the toy wobble erratically enticing your animal to play and exercise.

Starmark Treat Crunching BarBell 2 Sizes

A unique design for play and releasing interactive treats. Available sizes Med for dogs under 40 lbs, Large for dogs over 40 lbs.

Starmark Treat Rings Chicken Flavor 32 oz

Challenging Design. Treats fit over inner rod of Treat Ringer toys as well as sideways between toy wall and inner rod. Works with Treat Ringer Toys. Edible Treat Rings work with Treat Ringer Bone, Horseshoe, Lightbulb, and Orb. 16 in pkg 32 oz

Bend E Branch 2 Sizes

This toy is better than a branch! This toy is ideal for tug, fetch and play.

Treat Ringer Flexgrip Bone 2 Sizes

Our Pet Supplies items consist of high quality selection of pets daily needs and everything concerning for your beloved furry pals.

Treat Ringer Flex Grip Turkey Leg

Our Pet Supplies items consist of high quality selection of pets daily needs and everything concerning for your beloved furry pals.

Edible Treat Rings

Delicious 100% edible ring chews. Chewing action helps clean teeth and gums. Great tasting natural chicken flavor dogs love. Made in the usa.
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