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Nursery Slat Flooring

Rugged polypropylene flooring for hogs and other livestock.


Make moving your heavy awkward mats a breeze with the Grabbit Mat Mover. This tool automatically adjusts to fit all styles of mats including heavy duty 1" mats. Provides truly one handed operation with it's auto locking teeth and push button release. Grabbits aggressive teeth design ensures maximum grip and limits slipping. The comfortable grip handle and impact resistant durable poly construction will hold up to years of hard work.


Lock Tight Fencing is an innovative approach to panel fencing that is a snap to put together. Lock Tight Fencing allows total flexibility in providing beautiful perimeter fencing from three rails to six, and can also be transformed into panels.

Vinyl Covered Stall Chains

Horsemen's Pride Vinyl covered stall chain. It is recommended for use with a web stall guard. Durable and strong, especially if horses like to lean. Also a great product to hang blankets and tack from. This can also be used as a coated chain to hang hay nets from or stall toys.


These mats will revolutionize your kennel, clinic or barn! Set directly on your existing cage flooring or room floor.
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Maxima Nursery Floors

Rugged polypropylene hog flooring. 2 sizes.

White Plastic Slat Flooring

Rugged polypropylene flooring for Swine, Sheep, Goats, etc.

Sow Slat Plastic Floors

Rugged polypropylene hog flooring interlocks on all four sides for strength

Entrance Disinfection Mats 3 sizes

Entrance Disinfection Mats are designed to be placed at the entrance to dairy barns, hog enclosures, poultry houses and vegetable, fruit and grain storage facilities, to disinfect the boots and shoes of workers as they enter. Mats are made with tough poly mesh over a foam core with non-permeable bottom and sides to contain the disinfectant solution
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