Stainless Steel Toys

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Bead Chain Hanger

Easy way to hang treats or enrichment devices 16" long

Tri Rattles with Colored Discs 3 sizes

These Rattles are Autoclavable , stainless steel with colored disc for added excitement. Small rattle is ideal for Small to Medium Sized Primates. Medium to large size rattle for primates, rabbits, goats, swine and birds.

Colored Rattle 3"

This Tough and Durable Rattle is ideal for Small to Medium Sized Primates.

Caitec Baffle Cage 2 sizes

Made of sturdy stainless steel. 6" x 6"

TireBiters with Chain

Heavy duty toy is idea for swinging, spinning, and climbing. Trough can be filled with treats.

Stainless Steel Bell 3 sizes

Birds love the pleasing sound of this bell.

Stainless Steel Swing w/ Natural Wood Perch 8" AND 12"

Your bird will enjoy this swing for a very long time.

Stainless Steel Round Rattle 3" and 5"

Another all, Stainless Steel rattle in a round design autoclavable includes 6" chain and clip for hanging 0.187 dia. rod frame 2 sizes to choose from . Excellent large bird toy too!

Stainless Steel Kabob, 12" Long

Stands up to the toughest birds.

Caitec Boomer Rope Toy

This boomerang, made of heavy-duty all natural rubber, doesn't actually return when thrown - Unless, of course, Boomer brings it back, and he will!

Greens Feeder

This heavy-duty wire feeder is perfect for offering vegetables, fruits and large leafed plants.
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