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Scratch n All

Scratch n All® pads are designed to give your pets a safe place to scratch - any time they feel the urge.

Astro Panel 18x24"

Use as a foraging panel and/or scratching device.

Astro Panel 24x48"

Use as a foraging panel and/or scratching device.

Cattle Brush

Electric automatic cow/cattle body brush 1.Good cow scratch effect. 2.Easy to install and use. 3.Fit for 50 to 60 cows. 4.Fast delivery, high quality assurance and low price. 5.Widely used in cow stables, horse stables, cow stalls, horse stall van's etc.

Cattle Groomer and Scratchers

The Cow Brush Scratcher is made for bovine grooming and comfort! Bolt it up anywhere cows can conveniently access. It is made of heavy duty steel and the sturdy design allows for the top brush to be retracted into the upright position to avoid being bent or damaged by nearby equipment while not in use. The double brush design gives two points of contact one horizontal and the other vertical for the perfect scratch. The bristle brushed promote hair removal and the animal sheds, and can help mechanically groom for pests (no pesticide attachments; product use is chemical-free). The Bristle Brush Cow Scratcher has bolt-on design for convenient installation. This is a great product to place on a study post in a field or in a barn for your animal's enjoyment and comfort

Single Spring Groomer /Scratcher with or without solution tank

Cattle Groomers and Scratchers apply fly and pest control and provide a comfortable brushing site for the animal. Consisting of coarse nylon brushes mounted on a steel frame, Coburn Cattle Groomers remove lice, flies, and winter hair while applying protective, effective pest control to the cow's back, allowing easy dispersal throughout the animal's coat.

Scratching Brush

A durable and versatile scratcher for horses, livestock, pigs, and other large animals.
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