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Aussie Dog Zoo Primate Ladders

2 sizes available

Bear Bell

For bears, primates, and other large animals

Primate Transfer/Restraint Cage

Ideal for medium sized primates

Catch Ball Hard Red

Design Specific means the dog cannot close its mouth on the ball with enough pressure to pop or chew the ball. Easy to catch and retrieve especially for smaller dogs. The nodules on the surface prevent blockage of airways should a larger dog try to swallow the ball.

Enduro Ball

The Aussie Dog Enduro Ball is the ultimate hard wearing tough ball that will not pop, shatter or crack.

Power Chew Double Action Chew Toy 3 SIZES

Designed so dogs can have a chew toy that's soft enough for carrying AND durable enough for chewing, the Power Chew DuraChew Double Action Chew Toy is the perfect pastime for your powerful chewer! It helps clean your dog's teeth and massage his gums during chewing. Its rubber minty-fresh center keeps his breath fresh, while the durable ends will entertain even the most determined chewers.

Climbing Rope

Try this natural manilla rope with all small to medium climbing animals.
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