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Kane Poultry Feeder

The Kane Poultry Creep Feeder can be used for any dry feed materials, such as ground feeds, pelletized feeds or powder additives. Made of high-density durable polyethylene that is non-corrosive, they will not rust and does not wear out. There are no sharp corners for feed to wedge into and get stale. It has an adjustable meter plate for metering the amount of feed into bottom of trough. The feed saver rolled lip on front of trough eliminates waste.

Lixit Chicken Toy 16-oz

Keep your chickens active with the Lixit Chicken Toy. This fun toy doubles as a treat dispenser that you can pull apart and fill with scratch, mealworms or your favorite treat. Drop the treat ball in with the chickens and watch them peck and move the ball around as they try to get to the tasty treat inside. Food is slowly released from the openings, keeping them amused and engaged

Aussie Dog Tucker Ball for Chickens

The Aussie Dog Tucker Ball is the tough yellow ball that keeps on giving. Place dry treats inside to provide hours of self entertainment for your best friend. As the ball rotates, it will randomly dispense the dry food. Even when empty, the rattle will continue to provide stimulation. This item ships by mail from Australia

JW Pet Hol-ee Roller 4 Sizes

A totally out-of-this-earth, fun toy. Stretchy and virtually indestructible. This toy is not only great for dogs, but for other animals as well!

Kong Genius Leo 2 Sizes

Entertains and Satisfies your dog by dispensing treats and filling their urge to chew and break apart - so it can live a happy life with a healthy mind.


Kaytee Chicken feeders are designed to keep chickens well fed and are easy to use. Constructed of transparent material to show a visible feed line and features a scatter guard to prevent waste when chickens are feeding. Available in earth tone colors and sizes medium and large


Kaytee Dispensing Toy for chickens is easy to fill with treats, food or mealworms and provides a great challenge for chickens.


Kaytee Starter Diet is a complete vegetarian diet, high in protein for growing chickens with added vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

Kaytee Chicken Waterer 2 SIZES

Kaytee Chicken waterers are designed to keep chickens well hydrated and are easy to use. Constructed of transparent material to show a visible water line. Available in earth tone colors and sizes medium and large

Farmer S Helper Golden Egg Nugget Treat

Specially Formulated For Poultry and Game Birds Hens, Such As Chickens, Turkeys, Pheasants, Quail, Ts, Age For Food Ducks, An • And Geese and Is Especially Useful For First Time Layers and Molting Hens • Made In The Usa

Backyard Chicken Zyfend A

Innovative, All-Natural Digestive Booster Supplement • Ideal For All Domestic Poultry and Waterfowl In The Presence Of Harmful Intestinal Parasites, Including Worms • Proprietary Formula Contains Targeted Natural Enzymes, Selected Essential Oils and Other Key Ingredients • Designed To Help Offset The Detrimental Effects Of Worms and Other Parasites • One Bottle Treats 90 Gallons Of Water • Made In The Usa

DR Naylor Blu-Kote Dauber bottle, Spray can, Pump Spray bottle

Whether you spray or paint it on, Blue-Kote is effective in treatment of Cowpox, ringworm, and skin abrasions. Covers wound with quick-drying, penetrating coating to reduce pus formation, dry up secretions and control secondary infections. 4 oz. dauber bottle

Dr Nylor Red-Kote spray bottle and dauber bottle

Red-Kote is fast healing help for lacerations, cuts, burns, chafes, teat sores and other superficial animal wounds. Adheres, protects, soothes and softens--and stimulates new skin growth. 4.5 oz. spray can.

Small Animal Weigh Sling

Small Animal Weigh Sling slips under the animal’s belly and securely hangs from scale with 2.5” D-rings. This easy-to-clean sling is constructed of durable material, 2” straps and measures 19-1/2” x 12”


Pops upright on land and water for high visibility and easy pick-up.


The Kitty Kasa Bedroom Cube comes with a tough and stylish bed and makes for a cozy hideaway when your kitty needs some peace and quiet. Fits securely with the Kitty Kasa Gym and Recreation for instant stack-ability. Virtually indestructible and easy to clean. Can be used indoors and outdoors. PLEASE NOTE: this model is not compatible with our single-piece Duro line of Kitty Kasas.
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