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Scratch n All

Scratch n All® pads are designed to give your pets a safe place to scratch - any time they feel the urge.

JW Pet Bristle Brush

Bristle brush for regular brushing

JW Pet Shedding Comb

Metal teeth in two different lengths lift shedding hair from the undercoat and loosen lightly matted portions of fur. For all breeds and all coat types.

Gripsoft Cat Nail Clipper

JW Pet Gripsoft Cat Nail Clipper comes equipped with a rubber-sheathed handle design, which offers extreme comfortability and precision. This Gripsoft technology features non-slip grips which are made to optimize comfort and control while grooming your furry friend. The complete Gripsoft line offers a variety of designs specifically made to address each of your pet's needs to ensure a beautifully soft and shiny coat.


Replace the scent by using our Repláscents, odor-neutralizing sprays for your dog and home; neutralizing bad odors and replacing them with a subtle fragrance.

Washable Cat Post

One of our largest Cat Scratching Posts is both Durable and Washable.
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