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Food Feeder

A unique way to offer food, treats, or fruit.

Biscuit Feeder

The newest addition to our PES is this all polycarbonate Biscuit Feeder which allows the animal the ability to map his reward. All PES components will fit into the Universal Bracket.

Universal Bracket

The foundation of the PES System is this stainless steel Universal bracket(shown mounted to cage bars).

Universal Bracket - Orangutan

Special thanks to Emily Insalaco and Ronda Schwetz for coming to us with this idea for Orangutan enrichment. Based on our standard PES components, the OES system is much larger and constructed with heavier materials.

Fruit Feeder

A great way to present fruit. Just drop food in top and primate must 'work' it out through holes. The clear version allows the handler to view the foraging activity.

Slide Feeder

Food or treats must be worked over 'speed bumps'. All Polycarbonate with removable door.

Slide Feeder - Orangutan

This all polycarbonate feeder offers interest and challenge as Orangutan must 'slide' food along maze for retrieval.

Mirror/Activity Panel

This Enrichment Device offers Activities and Manipulatives for Orangutans and other Large Primates.


Brightly colored plastic pieces spin easily on stainless steel rods.

Spinning Mirror

Mirrors are one of the primates' favorite toys.

Tray Forager

Smear the Astroturf with peanut butter, jelly, etc.

The Abacus

Another great interaction toy. Includes two S/S rods with colorful, spinning, plastic shapes and a hanging S/S bell. Outer plastic housing will be shipped in either red, blue, white, yellow or green.

Water Bowl

Fill with liquid, food, or treats!

Spin A Snack - Orangutan

Ronda Schwetz and Emily Insalaco asked us to develope our Spin A Snack design to hold up to Orangutan enjoyment and abuse.

Treat Dispenser - Orangutan

This large enrichment device requires the Orangutan to lift any one of three tube covers to access treat inside.

Talkie Phone

Lights up and makes sounds when the different buttons are activated. Replacement phones can be purchased at any local toy outlet.

Treat Dispenser

Must raise outer tubes to access treats. Has 2 PVC tubes that are filled from the top.

Boinker Ball

Utilizes a S/S spring and a colorful 3" polyethylene ball. Which will "boink" up and down when tapped.

Spin A Snack

Fill removable tube with peanuts, seeds, popcorn.

Primate Transfer/Restraint Cage

Ideal for medium sized primates

Food & Treat Feeder PES System

Offering biscuits, fruits, vegetables or kibble to your primate may never be the same. From a simple push to a tightly spaced maze, this feeder can be easily adjusted to offer a wide variety of retrieval challenges.
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