The OurPets brand caters to our pet specialty customers and consumers,

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Our Pets Catnip Flippers 3 pc

Cats flip for the scent of ‘nip! Swat ‘em and watch‘em skitter!

Atomic Treat Ball Two Sizes

For healthy play and exercise Easy to fill with your dog’s favorite treats Promotes physical and mental alertness


The Buster Cube provides mental stimulation and a fun way for dogs to use excess energy.

Play-N-Squeak Twice the Mice

A super-realistic squeaking mouse to cater to any cat's hunting instincts and keep them agile and fit.

IQ Treat Ball 3" AND 5 "

Treat-dispensing ball fill with your dog’s favorite treats. Adjustable learning levels

2 in 1 Dual Incline Cat Scratcher

Fun for your cat and easy to store!

Cosmic Cat Catnip Filled Toys

Choose from a filled Cactus (Prickles), Carrot (24 Karat), Chili Pepper (Hot Stuff), or Banana (A-peeling)!

Half Circle Scratch Innovati 3PK

This product comes in a 3 pack.

Round Corner Scratch Innovati 2pk

This product comes in a 2 pack.


Cosmic Tuna Flakes gourmet cat treat contains 100% Japanese tuna. Pure, natural and nutritious. Cosmic Tuna Flakes are low in fat, high in protein and rich in taste. Give as a treat or sprinkle on top of food for finicky eaters.

Corknip Squeaky Sphere with Sound

Premium North-American-grown catnip combined with natural cork from Portugal to create a round ball cat toy for hours of fun.

Door Floor Scratcher Mouse or Raccoon

The Our Pets Door or Floor cat scratcher helps cats maintain healthy claws by providing premium looped surfaces help groom your cat's nails as they scratch.

Multi Surface Inline Scratcher for Cats

The OurPets Multi Surface Incline Cat Scratcher satisfies your cat's natural urge to scratch, while keeping nails groomed and healthy.

Shaped Scratcher Basic for Cats

This Cosmic Catnip scratcher is sure to keep your cat busy!
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