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Lab Cart

Heavy duty cart is ideal for material handling, storage, and transport.
$595.00 $450.00

SportDOG Canvas Dummies 2 sizes -2 colors

Canvas dummies are great training tools for sporting dogs. Weighted for easy throwing, they simulate actual game size and weight. The canvas material holds game scent better than plastic dummies and floats.
$5.95 $5.05

SportDOG Plastic Dummies 3 color choices

Our plastic dummies float, are designed with a valve so you can adjust buoyancy and weight, and the knobs are designed to prevent hard mouth A white training dummy is great for throwing against dark backgrounds.. regular (2"W X 12"L) A high-visibility orange training dummy is a favorite of upland hunters, floats, and is great for throwing against all backgrounds. regular (2"W X 12"L) The black and white training dummy stands out against any background. regular (2"W X 12"L)
$7.95 $6.75

Zuper Ball

The Largest Thermoplastic Toy Available. Great for Swine and Primates LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE !
$29.00 $25.00


This inventors idea was a revolutionary aid for feeding horses, which was quicker and simpler to use than traditional hay nets. Being suspended from a wall, it also provides hours of amusement for stabled horses & helps prevent horse cough. As horses are playful but also very strong, the colour and type of plastic used to make the Hayball is very important. By using a dark green, impact modified plastic, the Hayball avoids unwanted attention from most horses and even resists biting from the most curious ones.
$68.00 $61.20

Kong Eight Track Cat Runner

The KONG Eight Track is a figure-eight shaped racetrack containing two rattle balls that cats love to chase and bat around
$11.10 $7.76
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