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K9 Pumpkin Crunchers 5 Flavors 14 OZ BAG also sold in bulk 13lb

MOST POPULAR! When you want the very best for your dog, look no further than our Crunchers line. Pumpkin is the No.1 ingredient making them packed full of flavor. Their outstanding health benefits coupled with the great shape, make this the ultimate treat for your pet. Dogs love the taste of pumpkin and when combined with our mouth watering flavors, you've got a treat sure to get tails wagging.

K9 Coconut Crunchers 3 flavors 14 oz bag And 13lb Bulk

CUSTOMER FAVORITE! We take our Signature Cruncher shape and add Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to create a treat that is simply delicious. Dogs absolutely love the taste of coconut oil and the benefits are amazing.

K9 Crunchers Grain Free 3 Flavors 12 oz bag

Because we recognize the need for a GRAIN FREE snack, we have taken our CLASSIC Cruncher and designed a treat your dog is sure to love. Superior ingredients have made this a top pick for those dogs with special dietary needs. Available in 3 great flavors

K9 Crunchers PRO-FUSION Lean Beanz 14 oz bag

"CRUNCHERS ON A MISSION" We take our delicious Pumpkin Cruncher and "fuse" it with all-natural green beans, savory applesauce and a touch of cinnamon to form a cruncher that is lower in calories, and delicious too. Jam packed with nutrition and offering a taste unlike anything we've created before. Dogs love the flavor!

K9 Soft Bakes 9 Flavors 12 oz bags

TOP SELLER! Our Soft Bakes are delicious and easy to chew. Our Signature flavors are made from nothing but the finest, human grade ingredients and loved by dogs everywhere. Corn and Wheat Free! Made with all natural rolled oats


Mini versions of our Soft Bakes, our BITES are the perfect bite sized treat for your dog. Incredible flavors and nothing but all natural ingredients makes them the perfect snack for your dog.

K9 Natural Chips 5 different items

As the old saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away - but is this true for our furry canine companions as well? As it turns out, it is! Apples are actually a fantastic, affordable, healthy and low calorie treat for dogs. They are a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C and dietary fiber. They also help to keep a dog's teeth clean along with freshening their breath.


At the K9 Granola Factory we realize that good nutrition can be fun. We've taken our superior ingredients and combined them to create a unique treat your dog is sure to love. The name says it all. 'Good Enough' for people... Fresh Baked for Dogs!


These K9 Granola Factory Full Press44 treats are 100% COLD PRESSED and formed under intense pressure in temperatures as low as 44 Degrees F to lock in flavors and seal in vital nutrients. Typical expeller formed treats are made using heat, This can destroy valuable nutrients and significantly impact flavor. Our 100% Cold Pressed treats are formed without heat. A compact, semi soft and yet dense treat packed with nutrients that today's pets crave . We think of Full Press44 as the perfect treat-where absolutely nothing is wasted in the crafting process. Try one today!
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