HW Naylor Co.

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Dr Naylor Teat Dilators

Keeps teat open in the treatment of cuts, bruises and sore teats with the Dr. Naylor® Teat Dilators. Helps prevent formation of scar tissue obstructions while the teat heals. package of 40

DR Naylor Blu-Kote Dauber bottle, Spray can, Pump Spray bottle

Whether you spray or paint it on, Blue-Kote is effective in treatment of Cowpox, ringworm, and skin abrasions. Covers wound with quick-drying, penetrating coating to reduce pus formation, dry up secretions and control secondary infections. 4 oz. dauber bottle

Dr Nylor Red-Kote spray bottle and dauber bottle

Red-Kote is fast healing help for lacerations, cuts, burns, chafes, teat sores and other superficial animal wounds. Adheres, protects, soothes and softens--and stimulates new skin growth. 4.5 oz. spray can.
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