Hueter Toledo


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Hueter Red Fire Plug Chest

  • The great all-purpose novel Fireplug container for pet food, pet toys picnics, patios, rec-rooms,
  • It's the container that's convenient, colorful, conversational and camp.
  • It's a full size replica of a real fireplug. Beautifully made of polyethylene plastic with color mol
  • Nothing to break, fade, rust or rot. Top snaps shut and holds tightly.



Rugby Ball

A Large Egg-Shaped Toy for Dogs, Swine, and Other similar sized Animals.

Tumbler Ball 10"

A Fun Toy with Unique Shape and Rolling Action. Great for dogs and some Aquatic Animals.

Best Ball 5 Sizes

Best Balls are a great toy for many species and come in 5 different sizes!
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