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Silent Spinner 3 Sizes

The Silent Spinner is the one and only totally silent small animal exercise wheel. Available in 3 sizes!

Refuge II

New Design Shreddable Mouse Hut last 7-30 days.

Bi Odor Waste Deodorizer

Now for the first time, say good-bye to litter-pan odor forever. Just a few pumps of this safe and natural liquid on your ferrets food or in the water everyday, and in as little as one week, you'll notice the absence of smell from your ferrets waste.

Probiotic 11 Food Spray 1oz

Formulated to less than 3.5 pH, Marshall ProBiotic 11 Food Spray for Ferrets 1oz contains an exclusive blend of 11 probiotic strains to help support a healthy digestive system. It carries a source of live (viable) naturally-occurring microorganisms.

Upper Respiratory Remedy 2oz

Marshall Ferret Rx Respiratory Treatment Ferrets tend to have runny noses and the littlest things can make them sneeze. They can also catch colds from humans, so this is a great item to have on hand.

Natural Science Supplements 60 TB

Great supplements for your small animal! 60 tablets in each bag.

Ferret Shampoo 8oz

Marshall Original Formula with Baking Soda Shampoo for Ferrets. Comes in an 8oz bottle.

Rodent Collars 4 Sizes 1"- 4"

Ultra light construction designed specifically for rodents and birds Exclusive dual padded neckline Clear Lexan (birds) and polyethylene (rodents) materials won’t impair peripheral vision Rodent collars feature Velcro® closure while bird collars feature snap closures Made in the USA
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