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Saf-T-Shield for Birds 8 SIZES

Helps overcome feather picking and itch-bite-scratch cycle. Made from tough, pliable Lexan with 'tight-snap' fasteners. Neck opening is padded with soft vinyl foam.

8in1 Ecotrition Vita-Sol Multi-Vitamin for Birds 1oz

Ecotrition Vita-Sol Multi-Vitamin is a high potency daily liquid supplement for all birds. This water soluble multivitamin concentrate supplies important vitamins for the proper growth and nutrition of your caged bird. Vita-Sol is also valuable in the treatment of ailing birds who are unable to obtain proper nourishment through a regular diet.

Quick Blood Stopper Gel

Four Paws Antiseptic Quick Blood Stopper is designed to be used by both veterinarians and breeders to aid in the stopping of Flood when docking, cropping and/or nail cutting. For use on dogs, cats and birds. 1.16oz

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