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Large Hammock for Small Bears, Pandas, Primates, etc.

3 - Tier Polar Tower

Three- Level Polar Tower. Hangs from roof of cage. Double lined polar fleece material (thick). 4-nylon straps with chrome snaps suspend the tower. Your pet will climb from level to level with ease.
$21.26 $13.29

Aussie Dog Small Hammock

Very durable and rot proof

Cargo Net Hammock

Ideal for many large primates and many bears. Stainless steel bolts used around perimeter to keep firehose intact which is recommended when given to Orangutans.

Carry Bonding Pouches w/Window

Made of warm polar fleece material with peek-a-boo window and plastic zipper safety closure in front in Light Green. Pouch is 100% machine washable and hangs from a high quality strap that is permanently stitched. The window is made of pet-safe screen in a resilient black vinyl-coated polyester that is resistant to tears and scratches. Glider-tested and approved for safety and quality.
$12.30 $8.20

Double Hammock / Camo

Double Hammock provides your pet with a cozy nesting area and two fun levels of play. The soft, polar fleece material will keep your pet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This pouch can be arranged to be a relaxed hammock style or flatted tunnel style. Either way, your little critter will enjoy relaxing in their hammock all day & night!
$12.64 $7.90


Cost Effective Hammock for Primates and Other Small Animals.


Circular Design for relaxing and swinging. Ideal for medium sized primates and similar animals.


Flexible hammock fits most standard sized primate cages.


A Durable, Heavy Duty Hammock for Small Animals such as Ferrets, Cats, Monkeys, and Lemurs.

Hammock - Medium

This hammock is sized for medium-sized cats and similar animals.


The heavy duty version in our medium sized primate line.


The heavy duty version in our medium sized primate line.

Aussie Dog Hammock Small Round

Suitable for very small animals.

Aussie Dog Hammock Uganda

Very durable and rot proof

Jumbo Nest Pouch

Our Jumbo Nest Pouch has a semi-ridgid opening that will flex to shape. Bend it open to form a circle or half closed to an oval. Clip it on to the side of your cage. Has two removable hooks, one on each side . Made of soft polar fleece material w/Cheetah print.
$13.02 $8.14

Kangaroo Pouch

Ideal for Sugar Glider, Flying Squirrels and Pygmy Marmosets. The Kangaroo pouch is made of double lined polar fleece material and has a ridged(solid) bottom.
$12.73 $7.62

Nest Pouches

Sugar gliders and other small mammals really love these polar fleece cozy sleep sacks! Attaches to the side of cage with 2 clips (included)! Color: Dark Green
$9.76 $6.50

Parachute Pouch

Soft double thick material on this 2-in-1 Hammock & Pouch. (4) entry points for your gliders.
$15.84 $9.90

Snuggle Pouch

Snuggle pouches can hold up to 2 adult Sugar gliders, they are made of double layered, soft polar fleece material. Snuggle Pouches hang from the side or roof of any cage and will keep your 'Snuggie' warm in the winter and cool in the summer!
$9.24 $6.20

The Executive Nest Pouch-

Our finest Sugar Glider Nesting pouch. Double layer thick polar fleece pouch with chrome high quality snaps.
$12.36 $7.90

The Hedgie Pouch

Ideal sleeping den for your pet Hedgehog. Our Hedgie Pouch has a semi-ridgit opening that will flex to shape. Bend it open to form a circle or half closed to an oval. Sit it on the bottom of your cage, or clip it on to the side for stability.
$13.02 $8.14

Travel Companion Pouch

New Travel Companion Pouch is ideal for Sugar Gliders and Hedgehogs. Soft fleece interior, sheared fleece exterior in Cheetah print. Double zipper openings on each end, window on the top. Adjustable strap.
$19.93 $10.90

Triangle Hammock

Triangular shape takes up less space in cage corner.

Hammock med-lg

Heavy Duty Hammock is made from 'Seatbelt' material.

3-Sided Hammock

For all small climbing animals.
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