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2 in 1 Dual Incline Cat Scratcher

Scratching is the cat’s natural method of shedding the outer nail layer of their claws, helping to maintain healthy claws and paws. The Pet Zone Multi-Surface Incline Cat Scratcher provides cats with a premium corrugate and carpet surfaces which groom their nails. Cats appreciate the tight nooks and crannies that the corrugate and carpet provide which helps them keep their nails healthy. The scratcher can be set to multiple ideal scratching angles. Along with the included catnip, your cat will love their new scratcher with two enticing textures!.

Corrugated Scratch N Lounger

Scratch N Lounger Cat Toy Cardboard is economical and irresistible to cats Fulfills a cat's instinctive need to scratch.

Multi Surface Inline Scratcher for Cats

The OurPets Multi Surface Incline Cat Scratcher satisfies your cat's natural urge to scratch, while keeping nails groomed and healthy.

Shaped Scratcher Basic for Cats

This Cosmic Catnip scratcher is sure to keep your cat busy!
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