Fido Park

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All dogs of all sizes and abilities will be able to enjoy this course This product package is the best of the best because it includes each of our dog play products

Camel Hump Climber

Made from UV stabilized roto-molded plastic components with anti-static inhibitors. Durable and UV stabilized HDPE plastic panels

Climb and Sit

Offers a large, split platform for training and exercise. Heavy-duty, molded plastic construction. Durable supports are anchored into ground. Split top measures approx. 50" x 50"


Fun and safe, this package will become your dog’s best friend. Designed for dogs comfortable with intermediate challenges.


This package includes six of our popular dog activities designed to improve agility and strength of all your companions. This advanced course will challenge dogs with fun obstacles.

Nice Turn

For play, training, and exercise. Made from heavy-duty plastic. Each face measures 38" wide.

Pawsitively Playful

This small course packs a mighty punch! Designed for compact areas, this course will provide fun challenges to dogs of all skill levels.

Stepping Up

Use for training and exercise. Pads can be placed into any configuration. Made from heavy-duty, molded plastic. Each top measures 24" dia.

Through the Target

A great device for training. 27" dia. ring is held firmly in place within a 48" frame. Made from durable, molded plastic.


NEW Doozie Bones- Dental Care Dog Treats that help reduce plaque. Made with added seed flour for healthy and happy dogs These bones are pressure molded not baked. They taste great, are healthy and safely digest, unlike rawhide that have a risk of blockage. Please always supervise your pets so they do not gulp our treats without chewing them first. Proper size of treats depending on breed is recommended.
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