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Boredom Buster

Provide hours of fun and mental stimulation for your equine or livestock with this highly challenging Likit™ Boredom Buster. It provides multi-directional movement and multiple challenge options to keep your equine and/or livestock motivated and entertained.


Horsemen's Pride Mega Ball Horse Toy is specially made for your playful animal. This heavy-duty ball is designed to withstand even the toughest horseplay, made with safe and durable materials.

Aussie Dog Tucker Ball Goat

The Aussie Dog Tucker Ball is the tough yellow ball that keeps on giving. Place dry treats inside to provide hours of self entertainment for your best friend. As the ball rotates, it will randomly dispense the dry food. Even when empty, the rattle will continue to provide stimulation.

Kong Genius Leo 2 Sizes

Entertains and Satisfies your dog by dispensing treats and filling their urge to chew and break apart - so it can live a happy life with a healthy mind.

Tri Rattles with Colored Discs 3 sizes

These Rattles are Autoclavable , stainless steel with colored disc for added excitement. Small rattle is ideal for Small to Medium Sized Primates. Medium to large size rattle for primates, rabbits, goats, swine and birds.

Aussie Dog Zoo Gorilla Buster Bungee

This heavy duty bungee can be used for any type of animal-strong enough for a gorilla!

Shires Ball Feeder 9 "

The Shires Ball Feeder is stable favorite for both owners and horses! This colorful play ball helps ease stable boredom and engages your horse in the pasture. Simply fill the ball with treats or grain and let your horse play!

Stump Feeder

A Thick-Walled Feeder for a Variety of Animals. Primates, and Swine.

Amazing Graze

* Treat dispenser relieves animal's boredom * Great for play in confined areas - designed to naturally circle horse * Made from safe, heavy-duty plastic
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