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One of the largest animal toys. Great teetering action.


Heavy duty toy with unique shape for large animals

Elephant Drum

One of the Most Popular Devices for Elephant Enrichment. New Design is Stronger and More Durable.


One of our largest toys for the largest of animals.

Heavy Duty PVC Forage Bag

Heavy duty PVC coated polyester fabric To be used for placing hay and forage inside as enrichment Can be hung or placed on the ground,Suitable for elephants and ungulates.

Elephant Bungie

2.2 meters long extending to 3.5 meters/138"in. Attach minimum 3.5 meters from the ground. This item ships by mail from Australia

Elephant Bungie: Heavy Duty

Primarily developed to stop the occasional elephant from chewing through the bungee. These are great fun especially used in conjunction with any of our products, including the ZEL6 Elephant Ball. This item ships by mail from Australia

Elephant Bungie: Shorty

A shorter, stronger version that retracts faster. A new alternative to the ZEL1 to combat chewing. This bungee needs to be hung really high (approx 4 meters at the base from the ground) , this way the elephant can only reach it with it's trunk and not it's mouth.

Rattle Bag

For use with ZEL1 Elephant Bungee. Contains two 15cm balls with rattle. This item ships by mail from Australia


Tipsy Tom moves unpredictably (just like prey in the wild)! Push it, pull it, swat it, jump on it, and bite it and it still just rolls out of the way and then rolls right back. Special thanks to Montana Grizzly Encounter for these great Pictures!

Treat Drum

This custom-made, all thick walled plastic drum is ideal for a variety of largest and strongest of animals.

Bongo Feeder

Heavy duty toy for large animals with a unique shape

Feeder Tube, 12" x 34" Long

Durable and washable Made from tough polyethylene

Oblong Stone

This unusual shape can be used for a variety of large animals.


Special thanks to Tim Sullivan who gave us this great idea. It tips, and teeters, but will not fall over!

Ball 36 inch

Great for all large animals.

Ball 48 inch

Great for all large animals.

Cylinder, 14" Diameter x 18" Length

  • 14" diameter (14" x 18")

Cylinder, 12" Diameter x 34" Length

  • 12" diameter (12" x 34")

Cylinder, 10" Diameter x 31" Length

  • "This is one of my favorite toys." 
  • 10" diameter (10" x 31")

Cylinder, 18" Diameter x 24" Length

  • 18" diameter (18" x 24")

Cylinder, 20" Diameter x 36" Length

  • 20" diameter (20" x 36")

Cylinder, 20" Diameter x 48" Length

  • 20" diameter (20" x 48")

Cylinder, 22" Diameter x 34" Length

  • A picture is worth a 1000 words. 
  • 22" diameter (22" x 34")

Cylinder, 26" Diameter x 36" Length

  • 26" diameter (26" x 36")

Cylinder, 26" Diameter x 42" Length

  • The Big Guy of cylinders. 
  • 26" diameter (26" x 42")

Cylinder, 36" Diameter x 48" Length

  • Wild is In. 
  • 36" diameter (36" x 48")

Cylinder, 48" Diameter x 48" Length

A serious, fun toy.

Feeder Tube, 10" x 31" Long

Durable and washable Made from tough polyethylene

Feeder Tube, 14" x 18" Long

Durable and washable. Made from tough polyethylene
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