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Runt Run 24" 24"x 3" 2 - 3" holes

This is a great building block for those animals who take pride in their creativity. Use several to create a maze! Great for: rodents, ferrets, small animals, snakes, and lizards.This economical product is a great building block for those professionals who take pride in their creativity.

Critter Cavern Small Half Log

Critter Cavern for reptiles, small animals . All natural wood. Made in USA 4 1/2" Long 2 1/2" High Approx.

Kane Livestock Double Heat Mats

These mats are designed for all types of farrowing crates, free stall, comfort stall, etc.

Animal Abode

We will be glad to customize to meet your special application

Aspen Bedding

Recommended for birds and small animals. 3200 CU package

Turtle Docks

Unique floating dock for aquatic turtles to bask on. 4 sizes.

Turtle Hut Small 3" L x 3.5" W X 2"H

If you want the look of a natural log hiding place for your reptiles with the convenience, strength, and washability of ceramic, then Zoo Med’s Turtle Hut is for you. Inert material means it won’t mold and is easy to sterilize. It can be submerged in water for aquatic turtles, newts, and even shy fish, or used on dry land for any species of reptile or amphibian. Now made of eco-friendly ceramic!

Zilla Desert Reptile Terrarium Starter Kit with Light and Heat, 10-gal

Get your desert buddies off to a great start with the Zilla Desert Reptile Terrarium Starter Kit with Light and Heat. This complete kit comes with a 10-gallon, USA-made screened glass enclosure and must-have essentials to raise juvenile desert-dwelling reptiles like beardies, geckos, snakes and more. It includes two dome light fixtures, along with a white daytime spotlight bulb for healthy basking and a black incandescent nighttime warming bulb that stays dark so it’s sleep-friendly. Thanks to the odor-fighting carpet substrate that’s non-abrasive and non-edible, it’s easy to clean and keep your pal comfy. Plus, it includes a humidity and temperature gauge to help you maintain an ideal environment for your desert pal.

Kricket Keeper

Complete Cricket Care Kit Just Add Crickets!! Use as cricket carrier/habitat House up to 30 medium crickets for a week or longer Dark texture cylinders provide ideal place for crickets to hide

Granite Stone Hide-Away, 5"

Made of resin and natural ground stone, these Hide-Aways are designed to meet herps' natural need to hide and feed secure

Jolly Pals 2 Sizes Available -

For large animal enrichment and a Great Toy for Ferrets, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and Chinchillas.

Aussie Dog Standard Bungee

Built safe, built tough, NOW…Let’s play! 3 sizes available

Turtle Tank

  • access panel designed to accomodate filter(not included)
  • one piece molded frame for added strength
  • available in 4 sizes

TireBiter II with Rope 3 sizes

Mammoth TireBiter ll are made from a NEW advanced natural rubber formulas for EXTRA long lasting play, Deigned and developed in the USA. These real tire tough favorites are fun and perfect for interactive playing,tossing and tugging, Sustainably manufactured.

Stainless Steel Kabob 12" Long

Sturdy 12″ long stainless steel kabob great for fresh fruit or vegetables
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