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Guillotine Door Assembly

Special design allows opening and closing from 2 locations.
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Guillotine Door Assembly

Guillotine door offers dual closing capabilities.
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Guillotine Door Lifter

Self-Contained Handle and Guide is Ideal for Lifting and Lowering Guillotine Doors.
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Guillotine Door Lift Handle

Use of heavy materials help handle to act as counterweight when lifting door.
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Guillotine Door

Made with one piece plastic.
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Feed/Training Door

Use for Feeding and Training. Special thanks to the Scovill Zoo and Ken Frye for submitting the picture of Tillie the Wolf.

Double Latch

Use this latch to open swing door from both inside and out.

Leveling Leg

Ideal for leveling flooring and/or caging.

Pulley Bracket double

Dual pulley design allows for 2 handle operation.

Skylight Cover

We offer covers for many styles and sizes of skylights.
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Hula Curtain

A flexible and easy-to-attach curtain which offers protective between indoor and outdoor environments.

Access Door

This door is mounted on cage door for Feeding and Training.
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Guillotine Door PA

This guillotine door is supplied as a complete assembly and ready to install.
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Flip to Kleen Bracket for Feeders

A simple method of rotation to the dry feeder to enable washing and proper drying of the feeder. Our system enables the feeder to comfortably rotate and hold multiple positions by simply hooking the chain to the desired tip point. The kit allows rotation without falling out and needing to reattach every time.
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Entry Door Panel

Stainless steel door panel is customize to fit your space and requirements. Shown in Otter holding area.
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Lab Cart

Heavy duty cart is ideal for material handling, storage, and transport.
$595.00 $450.00

Stainless Steel Guillotine Door

Heavy duty replacement guillotine door is made to last.

Window Mesh

Stainless steel mesh is custom made to fit any opening.
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Galvanized Wire Mesh

Welded wire mesh used in many of our animal enclosures.
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Feed Door

Provides easy access to cage interior.


Heavy Duty Handle with Gap for Hooking on Cage or Pen


The heavy-duty panels are ideal for swine and similar animal enclosures.
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Window Closures

Protects windows from the outside while keeping animals insides. Custom fabricated to fit into any opening.
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Door - Stainless Steel

A durable and cost effective door for new and existing construction.
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