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Aussie Dog Big Cat Bungee

Ideal for lions and tigers

Aussie Dog Lion Sam 2

Lion ball, bite and built in bungee assembly within a protection tube

Aussie Dog Lion Sam 2 Heavy Duty Bruiser Ballista

Designed to encourage lions to hunt as a pride, one animal is holding the unity by the bit, others will grip further up and attempt to bring it down

Aussie Dog LIght Weight Bungees

Suitable for arboreal and light weight animals 2 sizes available

Aussie Dog Standard Bungee

Built safe, built tough, NOW…Let’s play! 3 sizes available

Aussie Dog Bungee Food Balls

5 Sizes available where sizing is based on animal weight The Bungie food balls dispense random amounts of food when the bite is pulled then released They also include a rattle for extra stimulation. Can easily be hung from a tree or inside the enclosure and suitable for carnivores, ungulates and

Aussie Dog Zoo Heavy Duty Bungee

Built safe, built tough..let's play!

Elephant Bungie

2.2 meters long extending to 3.5 meters/138"in. Attach minimum 3.5 meters from the ground.

Bungie Ball Swing : Medium

Bungie Ball Swing ,Suitable for chimpanzees and other primates of this nature.

Bungie For Marine Animals

Stainless fittings makes it suitable for marine use. Can be used with other toys. 2m stretches to 3.5m/138" in.

Elephant Bungie: Heavy Duty

Primarily developed to stop the occasional elephant from chewing through the bungee. These are great fun especially used in conjunction with any of our products, including the ZEL6 Elephant Ball.
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