Video of the Month

November Video of the Month: Hornbill Enrichment

October 2018 Video: The Honeycomb

The Honeycomb is one of our most popular foraging products! It's made right here at Otto Enrichment. View the video below for more information on this extremely versitale product. This video was originally posted on our Facebook page.


June Video of the Month: Play Moor

The Playmoor Aquatic Device for Otter and Seals.  Filmed at the NEW Zoo and Adventure Park in Green Bay, Wisconsin


Check out the NEW Zoo and Adventure Park website here »

You can donate items to the NEW Zoo and Adventure Park from their official Otto Environmental Wishlist.  Add the items you want to donate to your cart, complete your purchase and we will ship the items in the most economical way, delivered in your name. 

Zoos/Animal Sanctuaries: To submit your video for consideration as a Video of the Month feature, click here.

March Video of the Month: The Elephant Drum
The Elephant Drum is perfect for those jumbo sized needs, dispensing the treats with just the right amount of effort. Shown here being deployed at the Milwaukee County Zoo.
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