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Kane Heat Mat

Provide the optimal climate for your animals with Kane’s Pet and Reptile Heat Mats.

Vet Pads

Vet Bedding is used for orthopedic problems, incontinence, whelping pads, illness, surgical recovery and for the general well-being of animals. 2 sizes and 4 color choices.

Silver Aluminum Bed (For Home Use) Dogs up to 250 lbs.

Patented, chew proof, high strength, lightweight aircraft grade aluminum frames. Easy to clean, guaranteed to stand up to repeated cleaning. Available with a wide choice of fabric colors. Corners and legs are aluminum. All of our fabrics and beds can be washed or hosed clean with soap, water and/or disinfectants.

AFP Lambwool Bolster Bed Brown 3 sizes

Indented cushioned walls and baffled base, 3 sizes available

AFP Lambswool Bolster Bed Grey 3 sizes

Indented cushioned walls and baffled base, 3 sizes available

Kuranda Standard Dog Bed up to 100 lbs.

Standard Almond and Walnut PVC Dog Beds Our Standard Bed comes in two different frame options; almond is the lighter color, walnut is a darker brown. We recommend the almond frame for outdoor use.

Red Rooster/Filter-Eze Flooring - OL

Filter-Eze Flooring has a smooth, non-porous surface that is easy to clean and disinfect. Black color.

Red Rooster/Filter-Eze Flooring - NOL

Flooring is a very durable, cost effective, bacteria resistant, and long lasting. Non-Over Lapping. Black color.


These mats will revolutionize your kennel, clinic or barn! Set directly on your existing cage flooring or room floor.
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In response to requests for even lighter cage floors, RAC-Lite aluminum cage floors were developed. These floors are 35% lighter than coated steel floors of the same size.

RACS Original Cage Flooring

Glossy brown plastic coated floor. Self-supported expanded metal steel. The Original Cage coated steel floor has sled runner legs and a glossy Brown plastic coating.

Coated Floor

Ideal for Kennels and Small Livestock Pens.
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Coated Flooring

Perfect for New Pens, Kennels, or Cages. Custom sizes at no extra charge.
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Temperature Control Equipment

HMR-300 Rheostat for use with Kane Pet Heat Mats. Select the size mat that fits your need and add this option to your order, or buy separately. If you are interested in a thermostat temperature control system for your Kane Pet Heat Mats, we invite you to call 800-247-0038 or fill out the contact request below. One of our sales staff can help you select the right mix of equipment for your operational needs.

Kane Livestock Double Heat Mats

These mats are designed for all types of farrowing crates, free stall, comfort stall, etc.

Kane Livestock Single Heat Mat, Product Sizes 36" to 60"

Kane Heat Mats are designed for all types of farrowing: farrowing crates, free stall, comfort stall, etc. It puts the heat under the baby pig, where it belongs. It works as a draft barrier on slatted flooring, woven wire, and any type of coated wire or plastic flooring. By putting the heat under the piglets it keeps their stomachs and entire body warm.

Anodized Aluminum Dog Bed (Kennel Use ) for Dogs up to 250 lbs

Why Choose Kuranda Beds for your Kennel? Kuranda Beds combine soft, off the floor comfort with a chew proof design proven to stand up to daily kennel use. Available in a tough, co-extruded PVC frame or our MOST durable option, the all-aluminum frame.

Professional Kennel Beds Almond (indoor/outdoor) and Walnut (indoor)

Combines the affordability of the PVC and the durability of the Aluminum Bed. PVC Frame and legs with anodized aluminum top corner brackets to reinforce the most abused part of the bed in a kennel.


Make moving your heavy awkward mats a breeze with the Grabbit Mat Mover. This tool automatically adjusts to fit all styles of mats including heavy duty 1" mats. Provides truly one handed operation with it's auto locking teeth and push button release. Grabbits aggressive teeth design ensures maximum grip and limits slipping. The comfortable grip handle and impact resistant durable poly construction will hold up to years of hard work.
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