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Ball 12 inch

Great for all small and medium animals. We also offer other dimensions 18",24" 36" and 48".

Ball 18 inch

Great for all medium and large animals, and they float!

Ball 36 inch

Great for all large animals.

18" Ball with a 4" Ball inside

The inner Ball is slightly soft, so please be aware that it is not as rigid as the outer Ball. 4" ball inside of 18" ball

Ball 48 inch

Great for all large animals.

Scent Balls 3 sizes 18" - 24" or 36 "

Animals are intrigued by smells they like as well as smells they don't. We start with one of our Balls, install our Scent Enrichment option, and cut several holes into the ball body so the scent can escape. The holes are small enough that the animal cannot get into the ball to grab the scent enrichment removable screen. All you do is add the desired scent.

Jingle Ball 3 Ball sizes 18" - 24 " or 36"

The ‘Jingle Ball’ offers hours of delight to many types of animal. It is a very audible jingle that comes from bells that are safely sealed inside the ball. Easy to roll with a swat of the paw, it will provide interest as well as healthy exercise.

Ball 24 inch

Great for all large animals.

30" Planet Ball-INDESTRUCTIBLE Animal Enrichment Ball

Heavy Duty Planet Ball by Boomer Ball Made in the USA
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