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Animal Abode

We will be glad to customize to meet your special application

Aspen Bedding

Recommended for birds and small animals. 3200 CU package

Astroturf roll


Barn House

Durable haven for many small animals including birds, squirrels, marmosets, aye aye, snakes and reptiles

Saf-T-Shield for Birds 3.5"- 4" Neck Circumference 8" Diameter

Helps overcome feather picking and itch-bite-scratch cycle. Made from tough, pliable Lexan with 'tight-snap' fasteners. Neck opening is padded with soft vinyl foam.

Wooden Perch for Birds 3 sizes

Wooden perch for parakeets, finches ,cockatiels and other medium birds.

Wooden Y Perch 8"- 10"-14"

Y wooden perch , natural hardwood and three sizes available.

Coconut Birdhouse

A natural retreat made from a real coconut. Includes chain and clip for hanging. Measures approx. 5" diameter.

Cuttlebones 3 Sizes

Cuttlebone & with holder & for parakeets, canaries, and finches.

Dura Mirror with Chain or Without chain

2-sided mirror is virtually unbreakable! Available in a variety of brightly colored frames.

The Perfect Little Carrier

This carrier is made of ABS (bottom) and Polycarbonate (top) and is very strong. It has a removable top, and becomes a perch and tray when you arrive at your destination. It is lightweight and easy to clean.

Quick Blood Stopper Powder

Four Paws Antiseptic Quick Blood Stopper is designed to be used by both veterinarians and breeders to aid in the stopping of blood when docking, cropping and/or nail cutting. For use on dogs, cats and birds. 1/2 oz

Nibble Food Bowl, medium

  • Plastic food bowl for hamsters and mice
  • Available in small and medium sizes
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